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Free Thai fonts for download

Modern computers have built in support for Thai, so you don’t need to download a Thai font in order to type in Thai on your computer. The default Thai fonts provided on today’s phones and computers are clear and easy to read, but aren’t the most interesting looking fonts in the world.

In the real world, marketers use a wide variety of different Thai fonts to convey their brand message. These can be so different from the standard font as to be practically unreadable if you’re not used to them.

If you want to use these stylistic fonts yourself, you’ll need to download them. By far the best place for this is (yep, that’s a ‘0’ not an ‘o’ in the domain), a website where independent Thai font designers have uploaded some high quality fonts and made them freely available. The website is only in Thai, but it’s easy enough to find the download link on each page even so – look for the large “ดาวน์โหลด!” button.

Some I like are: