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The two way Thai<>English Thai2English dictionary contains over 110,000 Thai words, 90,000 English words, 190,000 example sentences, and also the Thai and English names of all of Thailand's thousands of villages, subdistricts, districts and provinces. Designed for the foreign learner of Thai, it's fully useable and searchable without needing to be able to read or type in Thai script.

You can search the online dictionary by entering Thai script or English in the text box in the top right of any page. Details of the features available and how to use it are shown below:
Thai > English dictionary

Each entry in the Thai > English dictionary shows the word in Thai script, phonetic Thai, a romanised transliteration of the Thai including tone marks and a definition of the word in English.

The large majority of multisyllablic Thai words are built up from smaller words, and where applicable we also show these smaller component words and their meanings. Seeing how the component words are joined together to make longer words can often help aids greatly in understanding and remembering new words.

Where applicable we also show the example words that the current word is a component of, of which there may be dozens of for the most common component words. Some words have more than one distinct meaning, and for these the example words are appropriately categorized according to the meaning.

Sound files by a native Thai speaker are available for approximately 1400 common Thai words (requires Adobe Flash Player to be installed).

English > Thai dictionary
Entries in the English > Thai dictionary are shown in both Thai script and transliteration for each word. Where an English has more than one distinct meaning, the Thai translations given are grouped according to the meaning.

All Thai words on the same line separated by semi-colons are alternatives for one meaning of the word, whereas words on separate lines are for a different meaning. To allow you to be sure the translation is the sense you intended, you can move your mouse over a Thai word to show a pop-up definition of that word in the Thai > English dictionary.

You also have the option of doing a reverse lookup of any English word in the Thai > English dictionary, which can give you useful alternative suggestions.
Searching by transliteration
You don't have to able to type in Thai in order to search for a Thai word; just enter a romanised transliteration of the word and you'll still be able to find the word you're looking for. For searching the online dictionary, your transliteration must match either that of the thai2english default scheme or the Royal Thai General System of Transcription.

Spelling correction
If a word seems to be a spelling mistake, Thai2English will try to offer suggestions of words that seem to be similar.

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