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If you're installing for the first time, Thai2English will initially run as a trial version. This is fully functional, except for being limited to 15 days of use and disallowing copying to the clipboard. Both these restrictions are removed when you purchase a license key. If you already have a registered version of Thai2English, this will upgrade your installation to the latest version.

The latest version is 2.3.

Version Changes from previous version:
August 2011
  • Typing in Thai results has improved UI, and results are now saved by default.
  • Added preferences option to customize Thai font size.
  • Added preferences option for using superscript markers to show transliteration tones.
  • Generally faster performance all round.
  • Various bug fixes.
Images of the new features are on the thai2english facebook page.
July 2011
  • Text-to-speech for all English words.
  • Fixed issue where sound files may sound 'cut-off' in some circumstances.
  • Faster startup and performance in general.
  • Simplified UI.
  • Customisable home page.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

This version requires Net Framework 4 or above to be installed. The installer will detect and download this for you if you don't already have it installed.
June 2011
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.
May 2011
  • Various improvements to performance, accuracy, usability and bug fixes.

(If you're upgrading from an earlier version and use a custom transliteration scheme, you may need to re-define it for this version.)
April 2011
  • Added 1000+ new words to the Thai dictionary, and components and examples to thousands more.
  • Thai dictionary includes examples of each word in different styles of font.
  • Translation around 40% faster, and program startup and the initial setup are faster too.
  • Updated autocomplete to include transliteration search results too.
  • Simplified UI and design changes.
  • Translation page will now correct scrambled Thai script encodings, and more copy-and-paste options.
  • Added support for IE 9.
  • Word lists can be exported to CSV.
  • Various bug fixes.

This and later versions will require Net Framework 3.5 or above to be installed (earlier versions required 2.0). The installer will detect and download this for you if you don't already have it installed.
November 2010
  • Added custom word lists feature.
  • Added 'commonness' indicator to Thai > English dictionary, to show how commonly used or otherwise each Thai word is.
  • Added feature to Thai > English dictionary to more easily see different meanings for words that have more than one.
  • Faster speed in transliteration search, dictionary pages, 'Typing in Thai' and setup.
  • Added automatic checking for updates.
  • Various minor bug fixes.
October 2010
  • Almost completely rewritten for much improved speed, accuracy, reliability and lower memory usage. Faster in all areas than version 1.3 - translation for large amounts of text is up to 400% quicker, typing in Thai feature 200% quicker.
  • Improved accuracy of the translation.
  • Integrated transliteration search results into English > Thai dictionary, where a word may be either an English word or Thai transliteration.
  • Added reverse search feature to the Thai-English dictionary.
  • Fixed bug where the vertical scroll bar may be partially cut-off.
  • Added more than 200 new native Thai speaker sound files, to a total of 1400.
  • Fixed bug where non-dictionary words weren't transliterated.
  • Upgraded embedded jQuery to latest version for faster performance.
  • Added support for using IE 9 beta.
  • Many minor bug fixes.

  • If you're using a 64-bit version of Windows Vista/7: Due to third-party compatibility problems when running as a 64-bit application, Version 1.4 and greater will install in the Program Files (x86) directory, and can't directly upgrade a previous 1.3 or lower installation. It will install as new instead, which unfortunately means needing to register again as it will start in trial mode by default - please let us know if you forget your key or have problems. Once the new version is installed and running OK, you can then uninstall your previous version.
September 2009
  • Sound files played using Windows API instead of Flash/WMP for better performance.
  • Various bug fixes for stability and performance.
September 2009
  • Faster, lower memory usage and more responsive all around - translation for large amounts of text is 25% faster than in version 1.3.3478 .
  • Reverted back to standard Windows UI for quicker start-up
  • Sound files are now played using an embedded Windows Media Player if Flash isn't or can't be installed (e.g. on Vista 64-bit).
  • Various bug fixes and improvements to the dictionary.
July 2009
  • Substantially faster performance in general - large amounts of text are processed 50% faster than in version 1.3.3434 and 150% faster than in version 1.0.
  • Various bug fixes.
May 2009
  • Added nearly 1200 sound files by native Thai speaker (requires Adobe Flash Player to be installed).
  • Various minor bug fixes.
  • Improvements to the translation.
May 2009
  • Added reverse lookup ability to search and English > Thai dictionary.
  • Added option to enter a web page URL instead of copy-and-pasting text for translation.
  • Added option to create and use custom transliteration schemes.
  • Improvements to the translation.
  • Improved back button functionality to remember and restore previously translated text.
  • Minor bug fixes, UI changes and performance improvements.
April 2009
  • Bug fixes for display problems occurring when using IE 8.
19th April 2009
  • Faster and less memory-intensive Javascript, particularly noticeable when entering large amounts of text for translation.
  • Upgraded embedded jQuery and associated plugins to latest versions for faster performance.
  • Fixed bug introduced in 1.1.3392 where meanings displayed on mouse over occasionally appear twice.
April 2009
  • Improved, cleaner design.
  • Faster performance in general.
  • Faster loading of example words in Thai > English dictionary.
  • Added "soundalike" words to Thai > English dictionary.
  • Added ability to view extended component words in Thai > English dictionary.
  • Fixes for two bugs that occasionally caused crashes.
  • Fixes for minor errors in two of the transliteration schemes.
  • Fixed bug of losing focus/language selection when switching programs.
  • Fixed bug in example sentence selection.
  • Fixes for errors in some HTML files.
Feb 2009
  • New custom Window chrome and design changes.
  • Added support for 64-bit Windows.
  • Added support for IE 8 Beta and Windows 7.
  • Minor bug fixes.
Dec 2008
  • Improvements to the translation.
  • Fixed over-running text at high DPI , errors in some HTML files.
Dec 2008
  • Improvements to the translation.
  • Fixes for errors in some HTML files.
Dec 2008
  • Initial release.

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 (64-bit is fully supported).
Microsoft .Net Framework 4. The installer will detect and download this for you if you don't already have it.
At least 250MB of free disk space.

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