dictionary Thai - English Dictionary
The two-way Thai2English dictionary has over 110,000 Thai entries, 90,000 English ones, over 1400 native Thai speaker sound files and 80,000 example sentences in both Thai and English to give context to the definitions.
translation Translation
Thai2English can transliterate Thai to Roman letters, add spaces between words and add context-sensitive meanings for every word in a Thai text, making it easily possible for anyone to translate, read and understand Thai.
search Searching
Just type what a word sounds like to find it! You don't have to be able to read Thai, know Thai spelling or type Thai to be able to look up a Thai word, though of course you can search that way too. Just write in English letters what a word sounds like (like "sawatdee" ) to find it.
typing Type In Thai
Thai2English has a unique feature to automatically convert transliterated Thai to Thai script, to make typing in Thai almost as quick and easy as typing in English. No Thai keyboard needed, and it's fully useable even if you can't read Thai script.
grammar Thai Grammar
Dozens of pages of explanations and examples of Thai grammar and useful reference lists.
reading Reading Thai
A complete step-by-step guide to reading Thai script and the tone rules, with no previous knowledge required.
Updates Updates
Free updates to new versions and new features are available for registered customers.
Preferences Preferences
Tailor the transliteration to match commonly used methods, or completely customise it to which ever way suits you.

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