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ต้นหนวดปลาดุก   ต้น-หฺนวด-ปฺลา-ดุก  ]


[ Noun ]
  • Globe Fringe Rush ; Grass-Like Fimbristylis ; Hoorah Grass (Scientific Name:Fimbristylis Miliacea)

Did You Know ?

Counting high numbers in Thai
Counting in Thai is relatively straightforward, and by memorising only 17 words you can count into the millions. Due to the frequent need to haggle prices in Thailand, knowing the numbers and being able to count comes in very useful. The numbers 1-10 form the basis of all the others. For the numbers greater than 19, the multiple of ten is placed before สิบ sip at the start of the number. For instance, 30 is saam sip which if translated literally is just "three ten". Numbers in the twenties are an exception though, as 20 is yee sip not song sip.

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