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ให้ดี   ไห้ ดี  ]

hâi dee

[ Adverb ]
  • well ; carefully ; properly


  • (marker that makes the following adjective into an adverb)
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  • [to be] good ; nice
Listen to a prounciation of this word


  • be careful ! ; watch out !
rá-wang wái hâi dee

Reverse Search

The following results were found by doing a reverse lookup of the English > Thai dictionary for ให้ดี. They can be helpful in providing similar or alternatives words, and to show more context in how ให้ดี can be used.
ให้ดี ; อย่างดี
ให้ดี ; อย่างดี
ปรับปรุง ให้ดี ขึ้น
ปรับปรุง ให้ดี ขึ้น
upgrade to
พยายาม แก้ไข ให้ดี
พยายาม แก้ไข ให้ดี
make the best of

Did You Know ?

na in Thai
The particle นะ na is extremely common in spoken and informal Thai, at least as much so as any of the polite particles. It's used to make a sentence sound gentler, softer or more persuasive, when expressing opinions or making statements looking for approval or agreement, when making compliments or encouraging statements, and to make commands, requests, criticisms and warnings seem less abrupt. na can be considered almost mandatory in requests and warnings, unless you want to sound particularly forceful.

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