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รักษาการ   รัก-สา กาน  ]

rák-săa gaan

[ Verb ]
  • [to] act for ; be on duty ; act on behalf of


  • [to] maintain ; protect ; keep (something in its current state)
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  • task ; work ; job
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  • caretaker (in the sense of someone who temporarily assumes a position of responsibility)
pôo rák-săa gaan
  • [to] act in place (of)
rák-săa gaan taen
  • acting for
gaan rák-săa gaan
  • [to] act for ; act temporarily in place of
rák-săa gaan nai dtam-nàeng
  • caretaker
kon rák-săa gaan

Reverse Search

The following results were found by doing a reverse lookup of the English > Thai dictionary for รักษาการ. They can be helpful in providing similar or alternatives words, and to show more context in how รักษาการ can be used.
ว่าที่ ; ทำการแทน ; รักษาการ
ว่าที่ ; ทำการแทน ; รักษาการ
รักษาการ แทน
รักษาการ แทน
ad interim
รัฐบาล รักษาการ
รัฐบาล รักษาการ
caretaker government

Sounds similar to...

  • [to] watch over ; be on guard ; guard against
rák-săa gaan

Did You Know ?

Counting in Thai
The Thai language has its own set of numerals, although the standard Arabic/Western numerals are much more commonly encountered. You may come across the Thai numerals in government and official documents, legal documents, religious texts, page numbers of textbooks or generally anything related to Thai tradition or history. When doing mathematics, Thai students will typically use the Arabic numerals for doing calculations but will write the answer in Thai numerals. A common use for the Thai numerals that you're likely to see is in double pricing situations, where a price for Thais is written in Thai numerals whereas the more expensive price for foreigners is written in Arabic numerals. If you can learn the Thai numerals, your chances of being able to only pay the Thai price are much improved!

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