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มาตรส่วน   มาด ส่วน  ]

mâat sùan

[ Noun ]
  • scale


  • quantity ; measured amount
  • part ; portion ; component
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มาตรส่วน ; มาตราส่วน
มาตรส่วน ; มาตราส่วน

Did You Know ?

Thai Nicknames
Just about every Thai person has a nickname by which they are known informally, given to them by their parents at birth. The pervasive use of nicknames in this way apparently comes from the old belief that evil spirits are constantly on the lookout for newborn children to snatch away and control, but using a nickname instead of a normal Thai name confuses the spirits and helps to keep the child safe. This is not a widespread belief nowadays of course, but nonetheless the use of nicknames remains so widespread in Thailand that it's not uncommon for friends to know each other for years and yet not know each other's real name and surname.

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