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ความพอใจ   คฺวาม พอ ไจ  ]

kwaam por jai

[ Noun ]
  • contentment ; satisfaction ; willingness


  • (prefix which converts a verb or adjective into an abstract noun)
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  • [to] be satisfied ; be pleased ; be content
por jai
  • [to be] enough ; sufficient ; appropriate
  • heart ; mind ; spirit


  • ad libitum
dtaam kwaam por jai kŏng pôo bpà-dtì-bàt

Reverse Search

The following results were found by doing a reverse lookup of the English > Thai dictionary for ความพอใจ. They can be helpful in providing similar or alternatives words, and to show more context in how ความพอใจ can be used.
สนอง ความพอใจ
สนอง ความพอใจ
ตาม ความพอใจ ของ ผู้ปฏิบัติ
ตาม ความพอใจ ของ ผู้ปฏิบัติ
ad libitum

Did You Know ?

krap and ka in Thai
The polite particles ครับ krap and ค่ะ/คะ ka are amongst the most commonly used words in the Thai language, but they are virtually impossible to directly translate in English. krap is used by male speakers, ka by female speakers, and they are added to the end of a sentence to make it more polite and show respect to the listener. krap and ka are most commonly used when talking to people you've just met , when talking to people of high status or pretty much anytime you want to be polite. If talking to someone you've just met who you expect to talk to for only a few sentences at most - e.g. waiters, shop staff, taxi drivers, receptionists - you should use a polite particle after pretty much every sentence (and they will likely do the same).

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